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  • Tajikistan: Snow-peaked Mountains of the Trans-Alay range.

    Tajikistan: Snow-peaked Mountains of the Trans-Alay range.

    Tajikistan, a beautiful country in Central Asia, is famous for its snow-peaked mountains. These high, white peaks fully covered in snow look a lot like fairy tales. They rise high into the clear blue sky, offering breathtaking views that can make anyone marvel at nature’s beauty. Some of the mountains are so tall and cold,…

  • Tajikistan: A Soviet Era Garden

    Tajikistan: A Soviet Era Garden

    Soviet era gardens were essential for providing sustenance, leisure, and fostering community spirit. These well-designed green spaces, containing fruits, vegetables, and herbs, offered respite from daily life with beautiful paths, flowers, and open areas. The gardens showcased Soviet architecture, including statues and fountains, to promote national pride and social interaction. In post-soviet states today, remnants…

  • Tajikistan: A Quaint Nomad’s Yurt

    Tajikistan: A Quaint Nomad’s Yurt

    In the mountain regions of Central Asia, nomads live in yurts. Yurts are round portable structures made of wood and felt, designed to withstand the harsh environment. These nomads move from place to place with livestock, such as cattle, yak, and sheep, which provide them with food and other resources. Some of these nomads sell…

  • Tajikistan: A flock of Sheep and Goats

    Tajikistan: A flock of Sheep and Goats

    In the vast and diverse landscapes of Central Asia, one can often find flocks of sheep and goats grazing under the watchful eyes of their shepherds. These animals are incredibly well-adapted to the rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions, making them valuable assets for remote communities in the region. In this image, we see a…

  • Tajikistan: Hisor Fortress (Dushanbe)

    Tajikistan: Hisor Fortress (Dushanbe)

    Hisor Fortress, an old archeological site near Dushanbe, Tajikistan, has a historical background that goes back centuries. This interesting structure showcases the Central Asian architectural style through its fortified walls. People visiting the fortress get the chance to wander around the structures – like the corridor featured in this photo – and enjoy the views…

  • Tajikistan: A road off the Pamir Highway

    Tajikistan: A road off the Pamir Highway

    Just off the Pamir Highway, there are a variety of smaller roads that meander through a diverse range of landscapes. As you venture away from the main route, you can expect everything from narrow, twisting paths to gravel tracks, and even some underdeveloped dirt roads like in these images. The scenery along these offbeat routes…

  • Tajikistan: Scenery along the Pamir Highway

    Tajikistan: Scenery along the Pamir Highway

    The Pamir Highway scenery is beautiful and full of amazing views. As you travel along the road, you can see tall mountains, wide-open grasslands, and clear lakes. People who enjoy nature and the outdoors will really like the landscapes in this area. It’s a great place to visit and explore nature’s beauty. Find location here.

  • Tajikistan: Murghab Town

    Tajikistan: Murghab Town

    Murghab is a small town in eastern Tajikistan, up in the Pamir Mountains. The area has a tough but beautiful environment which is interesting for visitors. The people living there mostly depend on farming, raising animals, and trading. You can see this when you visit the local markets with fresh food, homemade stuff, and traditional…

  • Tajikistan: Khorog

    Tajikistan: Khorog

    Khorog, a charming and serene city, is situated in the heart of the mountainous Pamir region of Tajikistan. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of snow-capped peaks, this small, quaint city is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. Khorog lies along the Pamir Highway, where it exits from the Panj valley and moves…

  • Tajikistan: A Mosque in Murghab

    Tajikistan: A Mosque in Murghab

    Morghab, a remote town located in the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan, is a place where Islamic traditions continue to flourish. Amidst the stark landscapes and unique high-altitude beauty of the region, visitors can find a handful of mosques that serve as central points for community gatherings and religious activities. Despite its modest population, Morghab’s mosques…

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